An Interveiw and quotations

Here is an interveiw with Dr Maya Sanghi (link submitted by Mr Mani maran of Chennai). A good honest interview. My reservations are only on one count: how many Indian parents will be able to pay for the long speech therapy? Will state ever subsidize this cost? And keeping these constraints will SLPs ever help and promote Support groups / self help group movement in India? or will they just stick to their bit in the clinic? Anyway TISA congratulates both the website and Dr Maya for at least taking up the issue:

There is another useful link submitted by Mr Hetal Vin; check it out- I assure you, you will return quite inspired:

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    (December 22, 2008 - 5:39 am)

    Seems quite balanced. May be we should have a section for Parents on the blog where they can acess such specific information

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