Vicks’ gift to 2009..

I am “Vicks”.
There are many experiences of my life..
Some good and some bad… i would like to share most of them.
Then you can choose what to publish in the blog 🙂

I was in class 8. It was the history class.I always feared reading in front of the whole class.That day sir told me to read a paragraph.
I started and as usual started to stammer too but i continued reading. Sir’s mood was bad that day i think because i stammered before also in front of him.That day, he behaved like a child and started making faces.. i mean like teasing me.
said..”Cant even read 2 lines properly, what have u learnt in so many years ?”
I said.. “Sir, I have stammering problem. ” and I started crying my friends hold my hands.
Sir put his head down, and said Sorry. I said.. No No Sir, its ok.
So it happens that people know your problem but still act in an unexpected manner.
Its not our fault nor theirs. It just happens, accept it and be happy.
And never over-react because it does not help, atleast not for us.

Dear Vicks, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I agree with you. What others do or fail to do, does not affect us as much as what we do or chose to do…. For example, your decision to share your story helps us to realise that inspite of superficial differences, all our stories are similar. And as we start to talk about these shared experiences, we give a new meaning to them- Meaning of a broader and shared identity and fulfilment.
Keep writing. TISA would love to have more of it.
sachin and Akaash


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