Another “Vicks”

I am another “Vicks”.. Let us use this name.. It is good. It doesn’t require doctor’s prescription!
Here is another of my experiences:
When I was a mere child, I was teased about my bumpy speech and it used to hurt.
When I was just about 7-8 years, I often would sit quiet and think of life ahead; Think of life ahead on the basis of what I knew of life then. For example I knew that when ever a man and woman live together a child somehow joins them- and that a child is a really wonderful being. But I worried that ‘my child’ might also stammer just like me. May be he too will be made fun of. The thought seemed so difficult to accept. How can one bring a child in a world like this? My little heart will tremble at the thought.
Then my thoughts began taking a different direction: May be, when I grow up and live with a woman, I should decide not to have a child..or may be I should adopt some other child..May be I should scrap the whole idea..

Many years since, I still sometime wonder: Is this a safe place to bring our children in?
Happy new Year to all of you, self help groups, support groups, Individual PWS, their families and friends, people working for CWS and PWS..


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