Chennai Meet- 2nd post

Here are some more pictures.. during and after the meeting. YWCA is very close to Egmore – in the heart of Chennai but quiet, as it stands on its own sprawling green grounds. A perfect place to hold a meet. It will be difficult to share the upshot of the public meeting in a few words. But here are some strands of discussions:
1. Changing one’s mindset can ensure a deep and lasting change.
2. Accepting oneself with our stammer is an important first step.
3. Spiritual path to healing is a valid and effective path to wholeness and health.
4. Adult PWS must work, if not for themselves, for the sake of younger PWS, by providing them more information, support and a safe atmosphere in which they could discuss their problems and issues.
5. Stammering should be de-linked from shame, guilt etc. Stammerer needs therapy- yes, but so does the society at large. Society too needs to change- needs to become more accepting of the diversity. This last should be the central focus of TISA..
6. Whether Stammering can be ‘cured’ or not? No simple answers. More important than this question is- can PWS be cured of the shame and fear of stammering? Answer is a definite ‘yes’.

We have met some very interesting and ‘powerful’ people- like Dr Anupam. We hope to keep in touch with them and work with them, to promote understanding and acceptance for a condition which is scarcely understood even by the medical profession.
As we met in Chennai, a similar group is taking shape in Delhi. Many participants have some ideas about Delhi- the next big get together- God willing!


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