Chennai Meet- part 1

We had a very nice meeting at YWCA, International Guest house; It extended beyond lunch, till five pm. In the morning session, Mr Balakrishnan, Mr Manimaran, Mr Vishal Dadha, Mr Shivasubramanian, Mr Hassanand, Dr B K Singh and Sachin and others shared their thoughts. A 10 minute video (Sssstutter) was screened. Total attendance exceeded organisers’ exepectations – about 60+ people participated.
Contact details of the participants have been taken down and they will be invited to participate in the self help group meetings hence forth. In the afternoon session, particiapnts were encouraged to grab the microphone and share their thoughts and concerbs. Family members and some girls too shared their concerns and issues.
This is just an early report. We will be sharing more over next few days. Keep watching.


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