Surat SHG Meeting

On 25th January, Surat SHG met over lunch. Sachin Mehta could not attend as he was out of town and Murtuza Railwaywala was occupied with a family illness. Akash and Hetal spent more than two hours discussing. Following points emerged

  • TISA should develop standard a] presentation, b] article and c] brochure for circulation/dissemination. Presentation can be used by any TISA PWS for school teachers, article can be posted in any newspaper, magazine or internet with TISA banner and brochure can be shared with any interested party. This is mainly because all are not conversant with internet in India and may not visit our blog
  • We need to rop in more pws in the SHG. We have been trying by Orkut etc. but we should be approaching schools (for cws) and speech therapist for pws.

Mumbai PWS are planning to arrange a meeting on 1st February and Akash will attend it.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Surat SHG Meeting


    (January 28, 2009 - 5:16 pm)

    Great, Akash! At this rate I can plan my retirement in winter 2009! (I can imagine my dogs growling in disagreement!)
    But, yes, you and Hetal are right- we need to develop something like standard protocols.. Let us think more about this. ight now, here in Chennai, we just had a major brainstorming session dealing with similar questions..
    Yes, we are making a headway..
    Keep Contributing..

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