TISA Mumbai meet – 1st Feb

TISA Mumbai chapter’s 3rd meeting is going to be conducted on 1st Feb at Vashi (New Mumbai) at 5:00 p.m. Dr Aakash Acharya is going to attend this meeting. Be there, ask your questions, share your thoughts and make it a big success.

Thanks & Regards,
Ajit Potdar
99300 66424

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  1. ashis 11 years ago

    Stammering is not a disease.its a deformity.A deformity not in limbs but in breathing pattern, thinking pattern,representation style and sometimes involving psychological bahaviour.It is often associated with agorophobia- a kind of fear i meeting unknown people.

    I can be cured in good positve and caring environment.Spreading awareness through tisa is a remarkble job in this direction


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