Chennai Meeting 31st Jan

We met again today at 6 pm at YWCA. About 30 people. Discussions lasted for about 3 hours. At times, we had to request people to curtail their comments. Everyone was given a chance to share their thoughts. We also had to frequently emphasise that self-acceptance is more important and effective in the long run- rather than desperately looking for “cure” in the short term. sachin shared a small inspirational video with participants about an individual with no limbs (Phocomelia). The message was- never give up and keep trying. Mr Manimaran very ably facilitated the meeting.


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  1. Hiten Vyas 11 years ago

    Sachin, can you tell me where I can find the inspirational video about the man with no limbs? I’m very interested in seeing it.



  2. Sachin 11 years ago
  3. Hiten Vyas 11 years ago

    Thanks Sachin!

  4. Hiten Vyas 11 years ago

    Thanks Sachin!


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