Delhi rocks!

Reporter Nitin is here with the weekly installment of Delhi
Meet happenings :

As I’ve posted earlier, last week we had the first TISA meet
in Delhi. 3 of us met and decided to have a weekly meet. For this Saturday’s
(31st Jan) meeting, two more PWS too had shown interest. So I was expecting
5 PWS, but as it turned out, 7 PWS attended the meeting.
The PWS were –

1. Kshitij
2. Faiz
3. Sikander
4. Arun
5. Abdullah
6. Zameer
7. Nitin

Kshitij, Sikander and Faiz have attended Dr. Sajeev Adlakha’s therapy
together and are friends. Faiz has also attended Partha Bagchi’s therapy in
Bangalore. Following is the chronological list of events at the meeting.

1. We introduced each other, there was playful banter going on and it
was fun.
2. Kshitij, Sikander, Faiz and me shared our therapy experience and
the role of a therapist in a therapy.
3. All of agreed that a self-help group is very important in
overcoming therapy as it provides an avenue to the members to shed their
inhibitions and speak up.
4. Faiz suggested that all of us speak for 3-4 minutes in turn, and
everybody ask questions. We had to use our therapy techniques and maintain
eye-contact. This was indeed a very good exercise and we enjoyed it.
5. We decided to meet every Saturday, at the same time (02:00 PM) and
at the same venue (Central Park, Connaught Place).

Overall it was an excellent experience and I am already looking for the next
week. Unfortunately I’ll be travelling on next week-end, and won’t be able
to join them, but the meet will surely take place.


PS: Great guys! A little humor takes us a long way. So keep up your banter- your smile, your grit and your spirit of keeping at it.. sachin


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