Hypnosis and stammering

We have been hearing a lot about hypnotism at our Chennai chapter. No single cause has been identified for stammering and therefore anything and everything can help to some extent for a short while, especially if you believe it is going to help. 
Example: A vitamin tablet can lower your headache if it is given by a doctor you trust. A kind of “placebo” effect. Some of these placebo effects might be good and others might be useless in the long run, especially if you are paying lot of money or investing lot of time to buy and use it.
We have done a rapid review and here is what we have discovered about Hypnotism and its role in stammering, two quotes from two interviews:
“Hypnosis is not a cure for stammering. While hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, it is one tool of many,” she said (Judith Patel, a qualified hypnotherapist and specialist speech therapist in stammering). (source: The British Stammering Association supports Gareth in finding lasting speech success)
How much time and commitment is involved?
RG: One year, at first every week, then less often. In my experience, deep relaxation, hypnosis, meditation and others all take place in an altered state of awareness. It is what you do in that altered state that is the important thing. (Rita Greer is an experienced speech language therapist and hypnotherapist) (source: Hypnosis or hip gnosis?)
There are many more articles referring to hypnosis, whcih can be found by doing a search at this at this page: Search
Over all, TISA thinks that hypnosis alone can not help much in an established case of stammering. Secondly, meditation, positive thinking, visualization etc. (other ways of dealing with anxiety) might be equally or more helpful and for FREE.
Finally, self acceptance offers considerable long term help, compared to any short term gain in ‘fluency’ by any technique. Interacting with other PWS is the way for developing this self acceptance, TISA initiative is entirely based on this concept. Please help us move in that direction, by sharing and listening to others.
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Post Author: Sachin