Role of drugs?


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  1. admin 11 years ago

    I’ve also taken Alprax, though for a different reason. I am hyper-tensive since I was 24, and the doc thought it might help.

    I don’t know whether it really helped, but I used to feel sleepy the whole day, so I discontinued it after a fortnight.

    And yeah, there was no improvement in my speech.


  2. Akash 11 years ago

    I have tried fluxotine, Anxipar-5 and cipler-10. Also tried couple of more but I don’t remember names. One set of drungs caused severe side reaction (my eye balled went up and were not in my control at all, it was a horrible experienec and psychiatrist never warned of this possible side effect) and this happened in middle of night. Our family physician came in emergency and gave some injection only after which eyeballs came down. I still do not know which drungs I was on since I was in college that time. Perhaps sachin can comment…..

  3. Sachin 11 years ago

    Yes, Akash. Some these drugs cause “Extra pyramidal reactions” (involuntary spasms of face and neck muscles). My experience is- for me at least meditation is the best drug minus all these side effects.. Unfortunately no SLP worth his / her salt will ever advise meditation, for the fear of appearing un-professional!


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