News from Chennai

Dear Friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting on 22.2.09 were attended by 15 PWS. This time every one was asked to sing a song. All the PWS sang a song and to the surprise of every one, no one stammered. This was to create a good atmosphere in the beginning of the meeting and everybody liked it. Hence we decided to make it a regular feature in all the coming  meetings to begin with a song. This way, shame of every one reduced to great extent.

Then, every one asked to speak about a topic of their own choice except stammering. They also advised to involve in the subject while speaking rather than concentrating on speaking without stammering. Most of them spoken well. They were suggested to pause a few seconds between phrases when speaking next week.

A 10 year old boy was also attended along with his parent. A few techniques like slow reading & and speaking slowly were taught to him. The boy is able to catch all the points and assured to follow the same.

The Chennai chapter inaugural meet on 24.2.09 was telecast in a Tamil channel (Tamilian TV) on 22nd night from 11 PM to 11.30 PM. The interviews of Mr.Sivasubramanian, Mr.Karunyamurthy, a parent of one girl PWS and myself shown in the programme.The entire short film screened on that day was also shown. It will help to create awerness among public. A small step forward for our TISA movement.

Contributed by Mr Manimaran


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