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Dear friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting held on 1st March was attended by 10 pws. As decided in the last meeting, we begun with each one singing a song to make the environment stress free. Everybody sang very well. As decided in the last meeting, every one was asked to speak either normally or slowly but pause between two sentences for about 3 secs. This has been done because silence is great fear for all the pws. Hence to over come this fear, they have been asked to pause deliberately between two sentences. All the pws tried their best but there is a long way to go. But it is one of the best way that every pws has to practice.
Then, 2 types of meditation have been taught to pws to practice. First one is to count backwards 100 98 96 94 92 90…..4 2 0. Repeat this for 3 times preferably in the mornings. It will increase the concentration. Another type of meditation is just simply observe the incoming and outgoing breath from nose for about few minutes. The important thing is just observe the breath only and not control the breathing, This can be done as many times as possible.Thie will calm down mind. Lastly voluntary stuttering was taught.The example of voluntary stuttering is given below.

R-R-Repeat it several times and observe what you are doing wro-wro-wro-ngly.Like this, read about 2 pages.

Thats all from Chennai.


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