Book for children

Those children who can read English comfortably and can spend some money- for them there is a book- Nice one, about how to deal with stammering, if you are a child:
If the parents do decide to buy, here is the amazon link; and yes, dont order just one- order two and give one to nearest children’s library !
PS: If you are a budding translator, ever thought of translating this book for children? We need such litterature in Indian languages. And let me tell you a secret: if you are a PWS, such activities can be therapeutic!


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  1. admin 11 years ago

    Sachin sir, I volunteer for the translation. I’ll order a copy tomorrow.

    But I think there will be IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) issues; we must contact the publisher/author and seek their permission beforehand.


  2. Sachin 11 years ago

    TISA can approach the author for necessary permission.. sachin


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