Pune is Rocking!!!!

Pune Self help group met on 12th April, 2009 at Sambhaji Park. The meeting was attended by Pravin, Prasad, Sanjeet, Amit, Rupesh, Sunil & Jai. As Amit is new to the group, Jai introduced him to all. We Started with slow reading & then moved on the introductions. After a round of introductions, each one of us shared a situation which scares us or we are scared of. If someone is not scared of something he could say that also J. And then the group members suggested ways to handle the situation and get over that fear. We also agreed to try implementing some of the suggestions if possible. We also discussed about booking a hall for our meetings as Rupesh Suggested. There was a serious point raised by one of the members about how he was denied an onsite opportunity because of his stammering…we are waiting for comments from the readers on the same as to how to handle such issues. Also all the members agreed that we will try to make our meetings more productive for all of us. We will try out new things/habits during our meetings & try inculcating positive changes in ourselves. Surely the dawn has come…

Jai Prakash Sunda

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