Speech Therapy in Public institutions..

Hi ! Today I’m going to share my horrible experience with pgi.
I’m a stutter and 4 month back I went to pgi for my stuttering treatment with lot of hopes -as I was full of tension and in depression.

(q. First of all i want to ask – what is the meaning of good speech therapist?
Ans. According to me a good speech therapist should be very co-operative, eager to listen to his patient. Stuttering is a speech disorder therefore he /she should get ready to talk with their patients so that they can check their patient’s progress regularly.)

But that was my bad luck that I found such type of speech Therapist in pgi which are not ready to even talk with their clients. Weekly I visited their clinic and every time they told me to speak slowly and then said “you may go now”. By saying these word does one become a therapist?

They are just doing their duty without any personal involvement and attachment with clients. They just give 10-15 minutes to their clients. I dont now why government pays them the salary. What are they doing? Their senior speech therapist never took interest in patients, They always appoint juniors to see patients and always eager to take rest in their office.
My speech therapist never took any interest in me; they never want to talk to any stutterer. Moreover many time they taunted me that you are getting free treatment here (in this government institute) and if you took treatment outside you will have to pay lot of money per hour.

At last I want to say that if you want to become more of a stutterer then pgi is the best place for you.

(Ed: We are submitting this note from a reader, as it is. We hope that standards of speech therapy in state run institutions will improve.)


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  1. Ajit Potdar 11 years ago

    I hope this experience may be a exceptional case.
    I personally have attended speech therapy programm at Nair Hospital and Ali Yavar Jung Hospital at Mumbai.Both are Government run Institutions.And I found the staff at both institutions very cooperative and supportive.

  2. sunali 11 years ago

    I am a post graduate from PGI,
    It is quite sad reading the experience you had at PGI.
    I would really like to state, that was probably an exceptional case. And It would be really nice , if you visit here again.
    This would never happen again.


  3. Sachin 11 years ago

    Dear Sunali
    I am so happy that somebody is reading our blog- and responding to it! We at TISA, really want to help Therapist by working with them whenever possible and also by giving honest feedback, whenever we can.. We are aware that where stuttering is concerned, both the sufferer and the therapist are truly facing a tough opponent.. Our best wishes to you and your colleagues..
    Keep in touch..

  4. anon 8 years ago

    Do u still stammer?


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