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Dear friends,
As you know, the Chennai chapter of TISA is conducting monthly meetings to
overcome stammering in the fourth Sunday of every month. Many have attended
the meeting and got benefited. The next meeting will be held on 24.05.2009.
I noticed that no other such meetings are taking place in South India. Hence I
suggest those who are living in Bangaluru, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Coimbatore and Tiruvanandapuram may attend one of the Chennai meetings,learn how to form a self help group and then form their own self help group in their respective places.
If anyone interested, we can also book accommodation with food at YWCA
international guest house where meetings will be conducted regularly. They
charge about Rs.1000 per day. Reservation has to be made before 2 weeks.
I request everyone to make use of this opportunity.

V. Manimaran
Mobile: 098842 89989


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