At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution to be able to control my stuttering. I got on to it on war footing – doing reading practice for 30 minutes in the morning, talking to fellow PWS for two hours in the evening through Skype, and organizing and attending TISA meetings on week-ends.

And all this benefited me immensely, the improvement in my speech was evident for all. People commented how I was more fluent than ever, and I was feeling good about myself.

Then the inevitable happened, I became complacent. I began skipping reading practice, and finding excuses to skip the Skype sessions, finding refuge behind being busy. Then in April, my wife had a daughter, and I had another valid excuse to skip TISA meetings and Skype session.

I didn’t realize how much this was affecting me, until one day while talking to a fellow PWS – Anuj, he commented on how much I was stuttering. Then I realized that relapsed had occurred with a vengeance. Now is the time to fasten my seat-belt and get back to it with the same intensity. So here I come….



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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Relapse


    (May 10, 2009 - 1:24 am)

    Dear Nitin
    Good! Never give up.
    They say that if you want to become Heavyweight champion, you must practice with a worthy sparring partner, not a child. In our case, stammering is that life long worthy partner to practice with. This would strengthen not just our communication, but our grit, stamina and equanimity too. Yes, we do need to learn the last quality. Good days, bad days; day and night, seasons- they all come and go. We need to look at this constantly changing panorama with equanimity (and even some amusement). And do the needful…
    Love to kido! (she has a brave Daddy! Doesn’t she?)

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