Three day intensive

A three day Intensive Speech therapy program for stammering is being organised by The Indian Stammering Association (TISA) and Samagra in collaboration from 13th to 15th June 2009. Based on positive experiences in west, it is being organised by recovering stammerers with technical help from a speech therapist. It focuses on three core aspects of stammering: motor skills, emotions and cognitive aspect. Here is the schedule: 13th June Forenoon: Screening of “Unspeakable” – a movie on stammering made by John Paskievich, a PWS in Canada. It will be followed by analysis, discussion and explanation by resource persons.

Afternoon: Story telling- based on principles of adult learning. We will share our life stories and discuss what we have learned in the process. What our problem is and how have we dealt with it. Do we need to change our response? Etc.

14th June

Forenoon: Divide in 2-3 sub-groups and present one aspect of therapy, as we may have experienced or learned : Fluency shaping, Stuttering modification, Cognitive and affective approaches, self concept, spiritual aspect etc. Emphasis would be on guided intense practice. Followed by Q & A. Afternoon: Use of Video recording, playback and analysis in self therapy. Dealing with secondary behaviors and improving body language. Mock interviews with invited guests. Screening of “Speaking of Courage” a movie about stammering among children, followed by analysis and discussion. 15th June Forenoon: Stammering and self concept, Attitude to communication, relationships and life in general (Presentation, discussion). Stammering in workplace. What can we do? Individual goal setting with help from counselor. Role of self help group and how to start one. Three minute presentations by participants on any topic. Afternoon: Why speech therapy sometimes fails? What should we keep in mind during self therapy to avoid slipping back? On line resources; setting up of buddy system to provide on line follow up and support after leaving. Board and Lodge The workshop is free. Only Board and lodge has to be paid for as per the choice and availability. Samagra can provide shared accommodation and vegetarian meals for Rs 200 per person per day. Total seats are 12. Please confirm your participation by 5th June in writing to Nitin (Delhi) or Sachin (Dehradun). Venue: Samagra Ashram, Herbertpur, Dehradun

Dr S K Srivastava, Coordinator – TISA, Ph: 09412058272

Mr Nitin Tomer,Coordintaor- Delhi Chapter, TISA, 09818350799


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