Correct knowledge helps.

In most chronic health conditions, sufferer goes beyond the tradiitonal / rational ways and seeks relief. Stammering is no exception. A reader has sent the following instructions he was given to reduce his stammering:
1.Rub almond oil on your tongue because your tongue is fat.
2.Go to park and speak with plants and tree.
3.Daily jump for 5 minutes from your feet in the morning.
4.Eat 100 gram of black Channai(peanuts) in the morning.
5.Daily gargle with hot water in the morning,so that my throat muscle will be strong.
6.Eat mulaiti,and vach(Ayurveda medicine).
7.Blow big balloon (birthday balloon)for 10 minutes.
8.Put a candle near about 1 feet,light it and try to blow off by your applying air on candle.

The response of an American SLP to the above was:
” Thanks for sharing. These recommendations are absolutely
> ridiculous. There is no nice way of saying it. I agree that
> its unfortunate that this person is working with people who
> stutter, because these strategies completely ignore years of
> research in the treatment of stuttering. “


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