Human Resource Development in action

The three day intensive at Samagra took on a different shape and some good things have come out of it: we had sent a formal invitation and schedule to a participant from Lucknow; He was a little late but he applied to his HR department and was granted permission, to take up this course whenever it is organised next at company cost..

It was very heartening- but, then, not so surprising. Communication is an important dimension of work place. Any HRD worth its salt, would do anything to promote better communication and self development of its human resource. So, what is our (PWS’s) role in all this:

1. We should accept that we are facing a communication problem-
2. That we can and want to do something about it..
3. We approach a senior colleague / HR unit with open-ness and request their help..

Finally, if there are more than one PWS, we should start a Self Help group on the premises- but of course not during the work hours.. I have discovered that working for other PWS selflessly is the best way of self therapy..


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  1. Ajit Potdar 11 years ago

    This is very encouraging.Hats of to that brave person and hats of to his HR department.

    I think we should not stop here.Taking it as initiative ,can we mail the HR departments of leading companies about the stammering like,
    1)What is Stammering?
    2)Guidence how to work with PWS.
    3)Solutions available.

    We can request HR departments to forward this to their employees.

    Normally people are educated about how to react to a blind,handicap or deaf person.But they are not educated about how to react to a PWS.So to avoid complexity they avoid PWS.

    Educating them about this will help them to be comfortable with a PWS.

  2. shiv 11 years ago



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