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I want to share the following incidents to this blog.
On Tuesday at 11.30 AM, I received a call form one gentle man from Trivandrum (Kerala),came to Chennai today morning for an official work. As the work was over he wanted to meet me. He stuttered mildly. I asked him to come to my office. He came to my ofice at 4 PM and introduced himself. Thro’ web he came to know about this group existance. He was born in Chennai but now settled in Kerala.He is having one daughter of 10 years old. His daughter was speaking well until 8 yrs and started stuttering from 9 yrs onwards. I have given some advices which he happily agreed to follow.
The other one is, last Sunday I received a call from a mother of 22 yrs old stammering man from Vijayawada and told that she came to know about this group thro’ web and wanted to participate in the next Chennai chapter meeting. I requested her to come for the next meeting which is to be held on 24.07.2009.
I posted the above incidents to know about the power of web in these days.
V. Manimaran
Mobile: 098842 89989

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  1. Sachin 11 years ago

    Mani, great! You are becoming an IT pro! Congrats!


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