If you are young and desperate..

(Fool and his money soon part company!) I can easily recall the desperation with which I wanted to get rid of my stammering when I was young. My speech appeared to be the only barrier between me and all the good, life offered. But there are others too who are aware of this desperation. Especially the “sellers of cure”. They would do anything to get at your money. Here is a list of the tricks that they would use either on web or through other traditional media:

  1. Offer a quick “cure” (sometime under ten minutes!)- not a long term approach to manage over all communication, related attitude and emotions etc.
  2. They would offer a cure which can be practiced in the privacy of your home; you dont need to go out and talk to strangers! ( One wishes life could be spent that way alone!)
  3. They would often start with an emotional tear jerker: What have I not been through, because of my stammering! After suffering for 25 years, I have developed this cure (or wrote this wonderful book), which I am offering for only 37 US dollars! Etc. etc.
  4. They would often claim their cure to be backed by latest scientific research – but would mention no verifiable report, journal or evidence.
  5. They will claim that thousands have benefited from their stammering cure, bu will give no verifiable email Ids or phone numbers to cross check..
  6. They would never offer follow up, because their ‘cure’ will cure your stammer once for all!
  7. Some of the bold swindlers will also offer a guaranteed money back scheme!
  8. They may also build pressure on you with the use of such clauses: Only 37 US dollars till 21st July. Hurry! One such website offers commission of 25% for first five clients you refer to them!
  9. They would never display any endorsements from respected Stammering associations like BSA, NSA or TISA.
  10. For example look at this website: http://www.killyourstutter.com/

It offers a quick cure for stutter on home page. When you visit their Affilitae page (link at bottom) you see “Affiliates Earn 65% Commission!! ($37 x 0.65 = $24.05 PER SALE!)” and you discover that it is only a digital book that shows you how to stop anxiety & panic attacks (along with phobias, compulsions, stress) in 10 minutes or less! Would you like to spend Rs 1800 for a digital book (not even a good old paper book) of this kind? But, some of us, will go ahead and do it all the same! Why? Because we are desperate for a ‘cure’. If you have done it, dont feel bad. We all learn by experience. You can still do some good by telling others and warning them over internet or in a self help group.


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