37 $ – The magic figure!

Oh, I have found another one promising to cure, mine your stutter under 9 (nine) minutes for just 37 US dollars!! How kind! Check this one out- and you will start seeing a pattern!

Click the link at bottom “Stop stuttering info” and you get following nugget buried in a lot of s**t:

“..This excellent stuttering therapy has a comprehensive video and manual where a person can easily follow. Unlike other sessions requiring you to go through the difficulty of understanding what it truly meant and asked of you, the stuttering annihilation technique lets you experience a different way of overcoming stuttering through easy to follow guidelines and steps.Finally, this stuttering therapy does not call for expensive and steep therapy sessions, you can be treated and start to lead a normal life for only $37 dollars, no more no less…”

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Moral of the story: think before you click; donate your money to OXFAM or the beggar on the road or the child wanting to buy a kite..

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