Surat SHG Update!

Akash and Hetal from Surat SHG met on Friday the 31st July evening. This time instead of my boring University office, we decided to meet at ‘A lot can happen over coffee’ place, CCD. Looking to the buzz, I felt like relishing an Irish Coffee but the place was little too exciting and it was a lady for taking order which was unexpected! I blocked badly ordering ‘Irish Coffee’ and people around also noticed me and Hetal, perhaps as strange speakers! Nonetheless, we enjoyed the evening as well as coffee (it was delicious despite blocks!)

We tried prolongations and noticed that it did provide an instant relief from blocks however its long term impacts are questionable. Hetal tried not to struggle but somehow didn’t succeed this time. We hope to work on struggle less speech sincerely next time.

We were determined to take a snap by requesting the waitress to “click” (yes again!) but somehow the camera didn’t work!


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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker