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Dear Friend
It’s not often I email you with a fundraising issue – but this is something quite special:
BSA member Rachel Reed is going to cross the Channel in support of the BSA. We’ve had 5km runs, 10km runs, even a Marathon but never a Herculean effort such as this. Just cycling to work for me is already quite a challenge for me!
If you can support Rachel in raising funds for the BSA, that would be wonderful: you can find her webpage at
Alternatively, or in addition, please tell your friends and family about her – why not simply add it to every email as a signature that you’re sending out?
Also, the BSA website has its very first video – an information clip we produced for the Annual Conference of the National Association of Head Teachers. Have a look – it is really quite good:
You can subscribe to regular updates on what’s new on the BSA website here:
Best wishes
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