Pune TISA SHG, active and running

Hi All,
We are now meeting every sunday at a new and convenient indoor place at the below mentioned address:
Senior citizen’s hall,
Opposite Anil Ambani Reliance Communications.
Dhole patil road. Pune
Please contact me (9881255051) in case of any issue locating this address.

The sessions we conduct @Pune are getting really interesting by each passing day. It’s very amazing to see how much talent and deep insights each one has in their respective fields.
We have among us Engineers, Lawyers, LIC agents, Students etc, but each one of us is striving to achieve the pinnacle of excellence.

Of late, we have started physical excercises to begin with, and then a round of personal introduction. Just when this process was getting hackneyed, one of our brainy chap suggested an idea: let each of the person introduce himself/herself present the introduction at a very slow rate of speech, and then others in the audience will provide the feedback on various parameters, ie. articulation, content, intonation, eye contact etc. Because in a stammerer’s case, (s)he often feels that she is really going slow following this technique, however, the listener is completely ok with it. Sometimes, we are not that bad as we are habituated to think about ourselves.

One of our student pal has discussed his problem of answering the roll call in the classroom. each one of us poured him with our own experiences and techniques to overcome this impediment. another good friend in the group has sought few suggestions as to what to do when he gets stuck with a particular word. Similarly, another query showed up as to “what shall i do when i could not muster enought courage to speak up in the offical setup and feel ashamed of it afterwards”.
It’s very heart warming to see how each one of us is standing up for each other and willing to help. what we are trying to do here is, provide the PWS an atmosphere to open up and communicate freely, where (s)he does not feel threatened or judged.

My earnest request to anybody and everybody in Pune interested in our group, join us immediately and see how it works out to be. Our group is definitely worth trying !


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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Pune TISA SHG, active and running


    (August 7, 2009 - 5:50 pm)

    Yes, I agree. Often, we internalise the critical attitude of others during our childhood. Based on that, even later on in life, we keep questioning our performance (especially in "speech department") and as a result suffer un-necessarily. While the truth is, in many cases others are OK with our speech..
    I am so happy that so many people are beginning to see the importance of "self help".. That is the way to go! Best wishes to PUNE group..


    (August 9, 2009 - 2:53 pm)

    Sounds very much like the NSA support meetings we have here in America. Sometimes you have to speak with another person who stutters/stammers in orderto feel you are fully understood.
    Many people come with such shame and negativity, it is nice to be able to leave them with a sense of belonging.
    Please feel free to visit my blog as well, where I talk bout my thoughts and feeling about my own journey with stuttering.

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