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JP told me about this amazing story of a PWS Basket ball player..
Truly inspiring. Check out if you want to know how “weakness” can be turned into strength with a little shifting of consciousness..
JP, a young IT pro on a sabbatical, is doing fine in Samagra- learning how to counsel young CWS/ PWS; how to teach speech motor skills to a group of PWS; how to motivate others through sharing (self admission), how to use role play to impart a skill or to promote introspection, how to use case studies to promote analysis, discussion and shift in perception and feeling.
Manpreet too is here and doing well. We did morning jog, Yoga and some guided meditation on the roof as the sun tried to peep throughmonsoon clouds.
Well, it is not exactly a bed of roses- living in Samagra- what with Dish washing, getting up at 5 am, racing from one activity to the other.. But every day is full of self discovery and deeper insights into life.


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  1. Pam 10 years ago

    Good story about Bob Love. Have heard it many times over here in America. There are other sports stars with good stories as well, including the football player Darren Sproles. He got an undergraduate degree in Speech, and is currently playing professionally for the NFL. He stutters openly.
    Visit the stuttering foundation homepage for more info on famous people who stutter, if interested.
    Personally, I favor the stories of ordinary people who stutter and stillmanage to do great things with thier lives and inspire others to realize that a good life is very possible even with a stutter.

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    Thanks Pam. You are right. There is a great heroism and beauty in the life of "ordinary" people- This is often lost to people who construct their reality based on media alone..
    Ordinary folks are like sleeping giants- or to use another eastern simile- they (we) are sleeping Buddhas..In fact, they have already "arrived"- It is we the observer, who needs to "arrive" and see things clearly!!

  3. pam 10 years ago

    Wow, I love the way you describe this exprience in your last line – the sleeping Buddhas – we need to arrive and see things clearly!

    I have been journeying through that process myself, and leaning things about myself every day along the way. I just finished writing a piece that I will post on my blog about the moral obligation we have to share our lnowledge with each other, and this includes stuttering knowledge. We cannot be greedy and keep it to ourselves.

    You are a wonderful writer.
    The TISA site and this blog are great. You are touching lives.



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