Chennai meets

Dear friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting was held on 29th Aug and attended by 13 PWS
including 2 new PWS and one 11 yr old boy along with his parent. This is the
15th meeting of the Chennai chapter from its inception. There are about 30 PWS
as members at present in this Chennai SHG.

I am glad to inform that 5 PWS have shown vast improvements both in their
speech as well as mind set towards stammering. Hats off to them. For obvious
reasons, I have not mentioned their names. This really shows the power of SHG.

Coming to the meeting, everyone talked about 10 min. All are spoken really well.
The important change I noticed is each one came voluntarily and spoken without
waiting for their names called as per usual practice. We observed that telling a
story and narrating an incident is a tough one for any PWS. Now we are working
on that. If we succeed in this count, then our 95% mission is over.

Coming to Master A, he seems to a mild stammerer and started stammering from
the age of 8 yrs as told by his father. First he hesitated a bit to speak, but
after seeing others speaking he has spoken twice.

After 8 months the Chennai SHG started bearing fruits.

That’s all from Chennai.

V. Manimaran
Mobile: 098842 89989

Post Author: Sachin