Bangluru- Third meeting !

This week there was not much strength in our team. Only 3 members, since it was a long weekend, many people travelled to their natives.
Karthik, Sudheendran and Subhash met in cubbon park as usual. K thought he reached first and was waiting in the parking lot. He waited there for 5 mins and then called up Subhash to find out where he was. To his shock Subhash and Sudheendran were waiting inside the park 🙂

Then we walked to a different place this time, much better than last time. The only draw back was people were moving around. That dint stop us.

We were moving to that place and saw a Black dog sleeping in that place. We tried to frighten that away, but no use. It dint respond to us. It was in a deep sleep. It shows how least bothered it was being about others. So acknowldeging its behaviour we just sat near a bench and started our session.

Sudheendran explained us the bouncing technique which was explained by sachin. He explained it in a awsome way by demonstrating it on how we should practice that.

Karthik also had a technique which he had learn in one of his educations. The technique of “Being”.

Sudheendran had bought a newspaper. We all started to read that newspaper in the bouncing technique fashion. This went on for half an hour. Then we started with our self introduction. The total session went for bout 1.5 hours and we disbursed at 11:30.

Thats our session this week.


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Post Author: Sachin