Chennai SHG meets!

Dear friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting on 26.09.2009 were attended by 7 PWS. The low attendance was due to pooja holidays and in number of establishments the pooja was celebrated on that day.

Well everyone told one story each. As usual, all were told stories in a hurry.I emphasied again the importance of pausing for a few seconds between sentences.

One PWS blocked severely in the beginning. I advised him to have a deep breath, shake head gently, prolong the first letter of the word and start speaking. He spoked fairly well after wards. The PWS is a photographer by profession. After sometime when I asked why my photos were not good compared to his photographs?. He explained in detail about the photographs taken by professionals. This time he not at all stammered. When I asked to him for the reason, he replied that he forgotten about the stammering while he explaining about his profession.

Then I explained about the difference between intellectual and wisdom (gnana) which I already explained earlier in another post. For the benefit of those who has not read the earlier post, I once again explained here.

Knowing that there is a speech therapy available to overcome stammering is intellectual. To select appropriate speech therapy is more intellectual. knowing that speech therapy will take months and even years to overcome stammering is the most intellectual. But that speech therapy has to be put into practice to overcome stammering is called wisdom. what is the use of knowing so many speech therapies which not been put into use?
Hence I requested everyone to do therapy regularly.

Thats all from Chennai.
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