The third meeting of the Bangalore SHG

The third meeting of the Bangalore SHG was held on 27-Sep-2009 at Cubbon Park, the usual venue of the meeting. We were expecting only Amith, K1, S and I for this session as N and P had conveyed that they would be out of station. I reached the venue by 9.50 AM. Some function was going on in the place where I usually parked the vehicle and I had to park the vehicle in the road leading to the parking lot. Since it was on the road and nobody came to collect the parking fee I had a feeling that I would be able to save Rs.20/- as parking fee.I went to the side of the library building thinking I would be the first person to come, but as I reached the place, I could see S going towards a concrete bench to sit. I followed him and greeted him. We indulged in some discussions about treatments of stammering and the method of bouncing which I learned from Dr. Sachin over the phone some days back. By that time S received a call from K1 and he was waiting for us in front of the library building. S waved at him and he came to us. I started to bounce with him and we talked about bouncing for some time.Since Amith was getting late, we decided to go to a good place to sit and inform him about the place when he called. Last week, I had seen a hut with some seats in the park and we decided to go there. We reached the place and it was empty but for a dog. The caretaker assured us that it wouldn’t bite and we decided to sit there. Luckily the dog didn’t disturb us:-).We decided to wind up the meeting by 11.30 as K1 had a function in his building. K1 spoke about the experiences of visiting Landmark foundation and how it helped him in speaking fluently for a day. It was possible by imagining that we have achieved the end result of curing the stammering and doing the things that we wanted to do with that feeling. I had taken the newspaper with me and we decided to read a report from it and present it to the team by applying the techniques we have learned through different therapies. I decided to apply bouncing and read and presented one item from the newspaper without any difficulty. After that it was the turn of S and he also decided to apply bouncing. Though it took some time for him to learn the technique, he also could complete the task in a good way. K1 decided to apply the technique he learned in Landmark foundation and started to read the report, but struggled with that. He decided to try bouncing and struggled with that too. Then he tried bouncing slowly and could read it fluently.In between we received the message from Amith that he was stuck with some guests and that he wouldn’t be coming. Then we decided to disperse by standing a distance apart and saying something loudly. We told about ourselves, our education, activities etc and left by 11.40 AM. I reached the place where I parked my vehicle and nobody came to collect the parking fee, thus saving Rs.20/-:-).


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