Bangalore SHG meeting on 2-Oct-2009

Written by Subhash

We SHG members decided to meet on October 2, 2009 at 10:30 am. Since most of us were available, Amith had arranged to meet on Friday. It was raining for last few days, so we decided to meet in an enclosed place. The venue was Sudheendran’s house at Marathahalli.

It was drizzling the whole night and was cold early morning. I decided to bunk the meet since I had a reason. So I called Karthik to inform about my unavailability for the meet. But he insisted me to come saying it would be really useful and beneficial. Really it was. Amith and I reached Sudheendran’s place. Karthik was already there. Naveen joined few minutes later. Sudheendran had neatly arranged the place for our meet.

We five of us (Sudheendran, Karthik, Amith, Naveen and I) started the meet at 10:45. We had discussion on several subjects. Initially we introduced ourselves and about the speech technique we had followed last week. Karthik briefed us about the call he had with Sachin. Sudheendran told us how and with whom all he was following the bouncing technique of speech. He was too good at it. We were amazed seeing him follow this technique. Even on call with Naveen, he was using this technique. Naveen shared about how he had spent his vacation with his friends. He had also gone to art of living classes. He had done a speeding bike with his friend from his native (75 kms from bangalore) in 40 minutes. Amith said about his interaction with his friend in Hydrabad and how happy his friend was for him. He opened up and told about his life before getting a job and how his Hydrabad friend had helped him in those days. He was very much grateful to him for the help.

I said that I stutter when I am nervous. We had a mock interview session where every other in the meet interviewed me. There were all sorts of questions triggered at me. Some questions put me in a miserable state. But the interviewers then gave me a good feedback on how I should have dealt with such questions/state. The difference between ‘try to do’ and ‘shall do’ was explained

Afterward we mocked at each other. Then we reached upon what action items each one would take the coming week. I said I would interact with all the peoples in our team. Karthik promised to practice the bouncing method. He said he would call Sudheendran and interact with him. Sudheendran said he would start his meditation, which he had discontinued for a while. Naveen promised to practice his deep-breathing technique. The meet ended at 1:15 pm

The session was very much productive. Everyone is standing for each other’s cause. This is a platform where each one of us is in the same page and would be able to understand the difficulties each one would face. Happier to be a part of this group

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  1. Sachin 10 years ago

    Great News! Good. Now try to spread the news by writing in various different forums..
    Try to upload a picture too..


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