Events happened in the Bangalore SHG meeting on 10-Oct-2009

Written by Praveen Kumar This week we met on 10-Oct-2009 at Cubbon Park. Though we usually meet on Sundays, we selected a Saturday as most of the people were not available on that Sunday. I reached the place by 10:15 AM and Amith was already waiting there for me. Karthik called Amith and told that he would be late by 45 minutes. Then we both planned to start the session. I just described the events that happened in the last week. Amith asked me to talk by widening the mouth and to speak a bit louder. Then he gave me some tips that he used in his life for controlling the stammering. After some time Karthik joined us. We decided to move to a Hut nearby. Every one self introduced themselves. Karthik used bouncing technique. I got tensed while doing self introduction and then Amith asked me to relax. Then each of us talked about some topics for a few minutes. Amith described about the conversation he had with Sachin on 8-Oct-2009. After sometime, again it was my turn to talk and I was in the same tensed state as before. Amith asked me to use bouncing technique. He explained me about the Technique with a demo. Then each of us talked about the plans for Diwali celebration. At last we played a word game. The session was very much useful especially for me. Both Amith and Karthik explained me all the wrong things I do while talking. From their experience they shared many Tips.


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