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Dear Readers
Tisa has put up an ISAD special on its website, There are six authentic stories of Indians who stammer. Some videos too.

Happy browsing!


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  1. Pam 10 years ago

    Thank you for posting these stories. I only read one of them so far, but I am so impressed with how much you are doing for people who stammer in India. It is beautiful, authentic work you do. You are touching many, many lives. I feel blessed to have found this site, and to know we share common bonds even across the world. God bless you and your passion.

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    Thanks Pam. Such comments do mean a lot to me, to us. Yes, our life experiences are very similar- and that is what binds stutterers all around the globe..

  3. somnath bhattacharya 10 years ago

    Hello everyone..It's somnath from pune.Like you all I have been fighting with stammering from a very early age.I'm studying MBA from I2IT and hope to do well in my career.But this problem is getting the better of me sometimes.
    I do need a help from you like people.U r doing a noble work which I really appreciate and adore.Keep it up and please give me some suggestons….

  4. Sachin 10 years ago

    Dear Somnath
    If there is a problem- there is a solution too..I am sure you know this!! And you have already taken the first step in the right direction: by talking about it..
    Next step could be – write to us and join a SHG..
    Also check out this self help manual:



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