Are we so gullible?

I have been sent an email by a young PWS from a metro. He shares his therapy
experiences. It seems that a therapist in this metro-city uses almond oil to
soothe the sticky tongues of stammerers! (reminds me of snake oil and quacks)
Here are other things he does:
1. Hypnotises the client for 20 minutes and gives suggestions like- you are
flying, you are talking fluently etc..
2. Then he applies almond oil with a cotton bud..
3. He charges Rs 1000 for a session as above lasting about 45-50 minutes
4. His consultation fee is Rs 500 in addition, in the first visit..
5. He does not do or teach anything else in these sessions…

I have posted it – not to point fingers but to warn other IPWS; The old adage
still holds true: the fool and his money soon part company. My advice to young
people is: browse on Internet; lot of helpful information is available for free.
Set up a self help group and help yourself. Ask TISA for guidance, if you need.

Here is the email, I am referring to:
“..he charges rs.500 for consultation and rs.1000 per session
Each session consist of 20 minutes and in that he hipnotisous the patient and
then gives him some imaginary thoughts like flying in the air,your talking
fluently,your feeling fresh
after the hiptonism he calls for badam rogan oil of haward company and ear bud
and with the help of ear bud he applies badam rogan oil on your tongue and at
the gums of your teeth and then tells you to do certain tongue excercises lik
moving your tongue where the oil is rotating it up and down and with the help of
a machine he loosens your chin,lips,throat .The feeing of the machine is such as
when you kill flies…”

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Post Author: Sachin

2 thoughts on “Are we so gullible?


    (November 1, 2009 - 8:56 pm)

    I do hope no one falls for this. Your advice is good to other young people who stutter/stammer. Find good information on the internet, talk with other PWS for good advice that works,and most importantly, talk as much as possible.
    An American friend uses the term "snake oil" quite frequently as well, to refer to some of the money-hunting schemes found on the internet for "curing" stuttering.
    Your efforts to educate and raise awareness continue to draw respect from around the world.


    (November 2, 2009 - 4:01 am)

    Thanks Pam. All this surprises me- that I too once trained as a doctor! Thanks God, I am no more a practicing one..!

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