What can SHG do for you?

Self help movement in many other countries have achieved a lot. Here, we have learned to depend on state and other actors, a little bit too much. But the experience of participating in a Self help group can do a lot of wonders to our faith in ourselves, to our sense of belonging to others with whom we share our uniqueness and it is an oportunity to say what we think without bothering about how to say it.. Here is a member from Banglore group, sharing his thoughts with his group; He represents many IPWS in the country today:

Hi guys…. last Sunday it was really nice… I am happy that such group is there to help people like us… all u guys were so supportive & encouraging…. I hope everyone felt very comfortable like i did… In future I would like to do more for this group… i know many people who stammer… but the toughest part is they all try to hide & no one want to talk abt it… next sunday if someone has a handycam or digicam plz bring it… I would like to take small video of out meeting so that i can show to other people which will surely encourage them to join our group.
And if possible kindly email me (pavan.wind@gmail.com) your name – mobile number- gmail ID- skype. so that i can make a list of it & send it to everyone instead of exchanging single single contacts. send me asap guys.

TISA thanks Banglore chapter. Best wishes!


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