TISA registration..

After long deliberation, we moved ahead on long pending issue of TISA registration. As per the requirement, we needed just two trustees- so Nitin and I acted as the trustee and submitted the deed for registration in the office of Sub-registrar, Vikasnagar. Of course, the babu there kept asking for seven members to be present and “what is the property you are entrusting in this deed?”…. pathetic, in one word, is the state of our judiciary! This is a bigger melting of polar cap, which will inundate the whole length and breadth of the land of Bharatkhande, Jambudweepe..
Anyway, afterwards we went to Assan lake- had chowmein- chatted, discussed and dreamt (like old men)..
Later, JP interviewed Nitin on a variety of questions. As we talked about TISA and what self help could mean to ourselves and others- a vision (brighter than the kutchehry, we had been to in the morning!!) emerged: our personal journeys, our search for deeper meaning in life, a dream of communicating with rest of the world at a deeper level.. Slowly, a bigger and brighetr picture was emerging-
Late that night, JP saw Nitin off at railway station.. Life must not stop.


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