Communication, motivation, attitude & challenges

R has been here for last 4 days. We decided to review the program today- so that I (sachin) could learn what has helped him as a PWS wanting to change his communication, motivation and attitude. It was a very useful feedback session, where he took the lead and I just clarified the things. I think every trainer / teacher should pay attention to her/ his own learning constantly. Day 1: R liked the sign on the wall of our sitting room- “Haklana na jurm, na gunah..(Stammering is neither a crime, nor sin…)”- It got him thinking – and feeling at home in a new surrounding, after 48 hrs journey from home. (We discussed and modeled “bouncing”.) Day 2: R liked the videos he was shown. Unspeakable. It was a Sunday- so I made R phone all the SHG members: “I am R from M. I would like to attend the meeting today. Are you coming? The time is 3 pm and venue is Anugrah center…”

He liked this calling everyone on phone, before meeting them in person. (Belly breathing was discussed in the morning.) Day 3: He decided to phone a friend and tell him the true purpose of his coming to Dehradun, for the first time. He felt lighter and better. In the evening, he went to Samagra (Dehradun) for the inauguration of Computer class. Suddenly, he was invited to come forward and share his views with a audience (about 30) on stammering and difficulties caused by it. He felt quite good about the whole thing afterwards (link). (Today “prolongation technique” was introduced.) Day 4: I asked R suddenly to go with Nishu and do lot of marketing. Nishu was told to keep quiet and stay back. R handled the challenge well and felt even more confident. (Today, “Pausing” was discussed.) Day 5: R was given a list of 6 questions and was asked to go out with Nishu and interview two strangers about stammering. R realized that people do not necessarily share our perception about stammering. NB: R and S have been going for morning walk at 6.30 am, followed by yoga and meditation session. Many of the things we attempted were truly challenging for both of us. What we are doing here can easily become the nucleus for an Indian version of McGuire program. A program run by recovering stammerers, incorporating Indian traditions along with modern understanding of stammering.


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Good job! and as I see, the day is not far away when we will have our own therapy program run by recovering stammerers

  2. admin 10 years ago

    It reminded me of my days at samagra …..and I can oberve a lot of change in my attitude and stammering……Though I still stammer a lot ….but the shame is gone…..And each and every person will observe this thing after few days at samagra …..

  3. kkkishore 10 years ago

    Dear sir,
    now I am confident enough my possible visit at samagra can resumed my derailed life too.




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