“Sir, you speak like me”

Today we went to a school for screening of young boys, looking for any child with any kind of speech impediment especially stammering..As the boys were introducing themselves, I saw a young boy struggling with his speech and when it was my & Parmanand’s turn to introduce ourselves, we bounced a bit. I could see a hint of smile on his face after our introductions..Soon after the introductions as we get prepared to play a game, the same young boy surprised me. He came up to me and said in very sweet and innocent voice – “Sir, you speak like me”..

After this we played a lot of games and I could see that the child who was holding himself back a bit, at the start of the session, suddenly changed gear and was enjoying with other kids….This incident reminds me of what once Sachin had said in response to a question being put to him by Pune SHG- “How can we help school kids ? “. Sachin’s reply was – even if you go to school and spend some time with kids who stammer and just listen to them, play with them, it will help them and today I saw it..We didn’t do any therapy…Just Me and Paramanand stammering openly in front of his class gave him a hint that stammering is fine…

Also there was another surprise from one of his classmates – “Sir why do some people speak this way ?” . My reply was – “As some people are fat, some are thin, Some are tall and some are small , there is also a variation in the way people speak, so some people stammer and some don’t”.
I hope I am able to convey my message to fellow PWS (People Who Stammer) that please go out, talk to young people who stammer, go to schools and give a presentation to the whole school about s-s-stammering…U don’t realize that how you can change the life of a young boy/girl in a positive way..Anyone game for it?


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  1. Sachin 10 years ago

    Boy- you are doing it! Amazing!
    Many little boys will grow up and remember gratefully that uncle who came to their class and dared to stammer!
    You guys are real heroes- in the same league as Rithik and Bruce Willis..

  2. Pam 10 years ago

    This was great. Very much like the Friends organization concept in US. Letting kids know it is ok to stutter, and that they are still unique, beautiful beings.
    I have given lots of brochures and information on both NSA and Friends to Dr Tarun Anand. He will be sharing that with TISA and Sachin when he returns to India.
    Great job! It makes me very happy to see the good work of a small core group reaching the many.

  3. admin 10 years ago

    Thankyou Sachin and Pam..I really like working with these young kids and their innocence and smile and everything about them.. And also working with these young children is helping in my recovery process.
    @Pam – thanks for sharing those brochures and information.

  4. admin 10 years ago

    thatz great work JP and Parmanand….There was no one like you who would have visited my school when I was a kid…..I always thought that I was the only one in this world with stammer…bcoz at that time I was not knowing anything about Internet etc from where i cud come to know that I am not alone…….

  5. Akash 10 years ago

    Great JP. I think we should add a "Like" button (like Facebook) on this blog 🙂

  6. aditya 10 years ago

    JP nd PArmanand SIR you hav done a gr8 job before you hav met to that child . that guy was really in stress abt his speech and you know that a single stress leads to various problems you are just lik a ray of hope to that child that ther's nothing to be stress out nd that guy know that he is not only with stammm… He is not going to forget his "SIR"(U both)

  7. kishore 10 years ago

    great work jp sir,

    may this help them a bit to come out of there social phobia…

  8. admin 10 years ago

    wow…. so touching. keep up the good work, JP sir 😀


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