Bangalore SHG meeting on 15-Nov-2009

Written by Pramod V. P.

Hi everbody this is Pramod a new member of SHG Bangalore. It was around 10.45 in the morning and the weather just suited for a decent walk in the cubbon gardens! The Bangalore SHG was to meet near the central library as supposed. After a little walk down the road I was picked by a group member and finally we started our study class at 11!

It was my first meet and I was excited to catch up with the people. well however the crowd was way too small than I expected but that did not get me down, however! It started with the usual introduction and greetings. We were four of us and though there was some excitement in me, I did not feel ‘anxious’ (very rarely it happens)! Well jokes apart we began with a clear acceptance of this long standing problem of us stammerers and then we moved with the day’s schedule.

I started with my experiences and possible remedies I had been looking into all my life, most of it were already tried and chewed by others there! Karthik was one guy there with whom I just couldnt match speed as he was way too fast in his speech and I had to be calmed at intervals by Amith whenevr my excitemnet level ran pretty high! Sudheendra was one person who was very less bogged by our arguments and he held on to his cool, while there I was wondering as to what new breakthrough I can possibly create here. Then there was the extempore and Debate which would constantly shake our comfort zones!! The meeting lasted for around 2hrs and I was really happy at the end that I found a group where in I can fall and still smile!

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker