Yoga & Calms approach to stuttering

I have been working intensely with R for about a week now. Reverse side of the coin: I have been working intensely with myself in order to do that! Like getting up at 6.20 am with my cough and then a jog with some one half my age! Yes, this and many other challenges. Like inventing new surprises, new speaking situations for R, finding out new ways of getting into his head and finding out what works, what does not. Post session analysis with R. Conquering my own fears that carefully set up interview session may go awry at the last minute..

By and large, I have been following Calms approach (cognitive, affect, language, motor and social skills)- To this I have added meditation and a belief that stammering is a “given” in our life by a higher power (we need not blame ourselves)- a “given” which turns into a gift, the moment we stop fighting against it.. So, far it has worked but the real challenge would be when he returns home..I will be getting him in touch with TISA SHG members there…


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