7th meeting of Jammu SHG

On 22nd Nov, we had our 7th meeting of jammu SHG. Aditya didn’t come bcoz he was not well.So it was only Rajesh and me. I am in contact with 2 more pws from last 3 months and every time they promise that they will come to attend the meeting but they never show up.
So its their bad luck that they doesn’t want to help themselves.

We started the meeting with some casual talks. Then we talked about Rajesh’s interview that he had yesterday.Rajesh is already working in a finance company but he is looking for a better job. So he went for an interview in a Sub-sis of Intex. There was an opening for an Accountant.

About his Interview :-

There were around 50 people and out of them 10 were applying for the same post for which R is applying.Each and everyone of them was having lots of experience.Someone with 10 yrs,5 yrs and the least was with 2 years of experience. And here was Rajesh with only 6 months of experience.But still he went for the interview. The interviewer asked him to introduce himself. He started with a lil bit of hesitation and thus stammering. He was a bit shy at the beginning bcoz of his stammering. But suddenly the thought of Acceptance came into his mind and without any shame he started his Introduction.

The interviewer thought that he is a lil nervous and asked him to relax. Then R became more confident and kept on answering without any hesitation. He explained each and everything regarding Accounts in detail. And he cleared the 1st round.

At the end of the interview, the interviewer was so much impressed by his communication skills that he even gave his personal contact number to R. Out of 10, only 2 were selected and R was one of them. Now he is waiting for their call for 2nd round. I bet he will clear that too.

He said that he just used the simple techniques like slow speech, costal Breathing and prolongation and his communication was just perfect.
After that we disscussed a few more things about the Movie “The Unspeakable” and few more things.


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    very nice to hear about Rajesh's success….. Good luck to him in the second round….

    Keep going Manpreet!!

  2. Pam 10 years ago

    You write: "So its their bad luck that they doesn't want to help themselves."
    Maybe they are just not ready.
    I remember when I first went to a SHG meeting. I was so overwhelmed. True, it felt great to finally hear other people who sounded like me and realize that I am not alone.
    But at the same time, it was the first time ever hearing other people stutter, and it confused and overwhelmed me.
    Give them time – they will come. Especially as they hear how supportive you all are of each other.

  3. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks Harry.

    Hi Pam,
    I also hope for the same. But I think that they are really very scared to come out of their comfort zones. But I am still waiting for them.

  4. Sachin 10 years ago

    it is a marathon- not a 100 meter dash!


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