Bangalore SHG meeting on 22-Nov-2009

Dear Friends,

My Name is Murali. I have stammering problem from my childhood.
I don’t know how I got this problem. Now I am 29 yr old & even now I can’t speak some words properly.

Recently I joined “TISA” Self Help group, in Bangalore. Mr. Karthik, is the person who introduced me to the group. Every Sunday, this group meets at Cubbon Park and today I met some friends like Mr. Sudheendran, Mr. Sharan Kumar & Mr. Jayaraju. This is my 1st meeting with SHG. As a Stammerer, I have not gone for any treatment, but for a very long time, I was eagerly looking for some kind of practice methods & techniques which would help me speak fluency.

Today when I attended the 1st meet with the above said SHG group members,
I got to know some methods to speak fluently. The Group members were very encouraging and motivated me to speak without any fear & stutter.

Mr. Karthik spoke about the technique of “One Word, Per Second” to control the speed in which we speak. Using this method he showed me how to speak slowly & clearly without any problem.
Mr. Sudheendran discussed about the “Bouncing the Words & Prolongation” method. I got very impressed by his style of speaking and after that he cleared some of my stammering related doubts.
Mr. Sharan Kumar showed “Breathing Technique”. He gave a demonstration of breathing in and speaking while breathing out.
Mr. Jayaraju, is an ex stammerer. Now he speaks very fluently. He shared his methods & techniques with us. He told us to practice the difficult words loudly more than 1000 times. He told practicing was the most important aspect in curing the stammering problem.
At the end of the meeting, I felt very happy to get a friends group, where I can openly share my feelings & thoughts without any shame or fear. Daily I can practice those methods & techniques. I will continue to attend the SHG every Sunday. I hope in coming days I will also speak normally without any stammering.

Thanks & regards,

Murali B.


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