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This sunday, 22nd Nov., there was more fun because of new faces: Romi, Nishant, and of course the old timers like Garima, Pawan, Nishu, Surendra, Garima’s mother, JP and Sushil. We played some interactive games, discussed a few things about good communication etc. There were random topics and brief presentations by participants with little preparation. For most participants, standing on a podium, in a large hall- and throwing their voice far out- was a new experience and some interesting challenge too. Nishant spoke on Team building, Garima on three laws of Newton (Newton stammered btw), JP on good website design, Romi on Front desk management, Nishu on Shop management, Pawan on use AV aids in present day teaching system, Sushil on pros and cons of corporal punishment. Sachin summarised the discussion here and there. Discussions lasted for about three hours.
We wish to thank Mr Robert Kumar and Herbertpur Christian Hospital for letting us sue the hall.

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Great work guys!!


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