I came, I spoke, I conquered..

Nishant and Harpreet have been discovering that: feel the fear and still go ahead and do it- even if it is a crowded noisy waiting hall of a hospital or a marketing complex or a bus or whatever your mind can conjure up as one of those frightening situations where you tend to stammer. Some Yoga postures, some jogging in tea gardens (6.30 am!), some sight-seeing; They also had a darshan of the “Silent saint” of Yamuna valley towards the end of this three week intensive.
JP bobbed in and out whenever he could- weekends specially. He has discovered that serving others selflessly is the biggest “technique” for self change, after all! Nishant has left earlier for an interveiw (All the best from TISA!). He plans to come for the 7th Jan 2010 intensive again.
(PS: Swamiji wrote a verse of Guru Nanak Dev ji for Romi: Bhaya binu upje na bhakti; Bhava binu hoye na preet..)

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  1. admin 9 years ago

    hmmm…..Reminded me of my days at samagra…..I will come back ….may be on a sabbatical by Gods grace…lets see wat happens….

    Best of luck to all the fellow stammerers at samagra.


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