Bangalore SHG meeting on 29-Nov-2008

TISA Bangalore Meeting on 29th

Hai.. This is Tanoy. Yesterday along with my colleague Mr. Laxman (also a Stammerer), I attended the TISA meeting. Actually, I was planning to attend the meeting for a quite long time but, couldn’t make it earlier. So, this time on 28th I called Sudheendran and asked about the meeting details. Then, on 29th we met at Cubbon Park around 10.15 AM near the library building and then he took us to the small hut where TISA usually meets on Sundays. There Mr. Amith was already waiting for us.

There we introduced ourselves (Name) and told how we came to know about TISA and its whereabouts. Then, Amith bought tea for us and asked us to take a sip of it slowly and then speak after that. I continued slowly and with a little stammering I was able to complete my introduction. Later, Laxman started and we realized that he was not relaxed. We asked him to take his own time but to stutter slowly. He told that he wanted some technique with which he would be able to hide the stammering problems from others.

Then, Mr. Sudheendran and Mr. Amith told that Stammering was not crime or sin, it was just in our mind. We tend to think too much about the 3rd person which ultimately increases tension and leads to more stammering. We should accept it. We can ‘stutter but easily’. We should not force our body into it. It’s our speech which has a problem not our body. We should not force to speak a word, we should take it easily. Then, we discussed about the techniques which are available like prolongation, proper breathing, the bouncing techniques and opening our mouth properly.

About an Hour later, we were joined by Mr. Murali. He told that he had informed in his office about the problem and asked them to cooperate with him. Mr. Murali told that he got stuck whenever he tried to speak ‘TWO’ in English and ‘TEEN’ in Hindi. So, we asked him to say ‘TWO’ twenty times, using the technique he was more comfortable with, and he did well using the bouncing technique.

Later, I asked about marriage which is the next phase of life after job. 🙂 Mr Murali told he would be much freighted whenever he saw a girl and that he stammered a lot with them. Only later did I realize that both Mr Sudheendran and Mr. Amith were married and I and Laxman got convinced that we could also get proposal regardless of the problem.

Then, I told that it was not just English Language in which we stammered. It was the same with the other languages that we knew. So, we decided from the next time, we would teach others 5 words from our mother tongue.

And the meeting ended in a fruitful way and I realized that every technique might not be helpful for everybody. We must find the technique suitable to us and we should go forward with that.

I look forward to continue my association with the TISA SHG Bangalore for a long time.

Thanking You,
Tanoy Bhattacharjee


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Hi Tanoy,

    Great to see your post!

    Tanoy and I have studied in the same school and are good friends…

  2. Sudheendran 10 years ago

    Yes, he told that he came to know about the group through you.


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