Pune SHG Meet on 6th December

Pune SHG met on 6 December 2009 at Senior citizen’s hall on Dhole patil road. The meeting was attended by the following members; Sanjeeth, Rahil, Suraj, Praveen, Rupesh, Prasad, Bhaskar, Dharmara and Sujit.
The meeting started at around 3PM with meditation which is considered very positive for calming the mind. Subsequently we all did the slow reading one by one. This included reading aloud 12-15 guideline steps for overcoming stammering with pauses to bring down the rate of speech. This is a strong aid in reducing the urgency in speech and speaking with poise and control. This was followed by self’s short introduction and narrating one of the happiest moment of one’s life. It really motivated the people to tell and share their happiness with the other persons.
Then we played a small game which was to bring back the tendency to rush through the sentences and speaking at breakneck speed. This was done to simulate the real time situations and have control over one’s speech. This can be a really good exercise to test the ability not to panic under uncomfortable situations. People did a very good job here.
The last and final activity of the meeting was public speaking/question answer sessions. Most of the people preferred to have the question answer session rather than speaking on any topic. Some of the interesting topics which were discussed during this were; 25 years of Bhopal gas tragedy, Life cycle of stars, being entrepreneur, accepting stuttering gives freedom, how following the slow speaking technique helps at work place, Members views on stuttering, different course which can be done to increase the skill set, Places to visit in West Bengal. Practicing the slow speaking style initially with few people is a step in dissolving stammering.
Thanks to one and all for making this meeting interactive and lively!!
We have much more coming up in the next meeting on 13 dec 2009

Sujit Singh

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    great post buds, pune SHG has come a long way since its inception. we are growing in leaps and bounds.

    keep going !


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