Bangalore SHG meeting on 06-Dec-2009

Written by: Amithap Sampath

This week I had to go a little late to the meet. Meanwhile we had two new folks, one Aravindan (along with his non-PWS friend) and one Umashankar, both from HCL (thanks to Sudheendran!!!). After Introduction, group discussed about the feasibility of attending intensive therapy of sachin efficiently. We decided to go back to sachin for a 2 day event so that we can attend with a maximum strength.

We later had a story building activity focusing on the difficult words or situations per individual. Murali for instance finds it difficult with words starting in “T” ex: Two, Three. And on other hand I find it difficult to encounter an unprepared situation. We exercised this and the story had twists of its own. We enjoyed it.

Later we had a reading session and an assessment following it. Umashankar suggested to have breathing exercise and Q&A session (Hot Seat) as part of the group activity. We realized it later that though we had worked on these areas we had it slipped off our routine. We decided to incorporate these in future.

We then had a round of explaining 5 words or two basic sentences in our mother tongue. Ex: How are you? I am fine. We had hit Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali and Hindi (6 languages). It was amazing.

Aravindan and Umashankar were explained the importance of accepting the stammering in work place. Healthy discussion went on about the pros and cons of having this said to peers or manager. We then learnt that it’s important to say this in a constructive manner rather than as a limitation or challenge to our performance. We then signed off the meet.

Attendees: Sudheendran, Karthick1, Karthik2, Murali, Tanoy, Aravindan & his friend, Umashankar, Amithap


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    great going guys, keep it up!!

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    You can give a new twist to the story telling exercise; Once we asked everyone to write down two words they found difficult to say on a card. Then, we made a combined list on a chart, which everyone could see. Now the story was begun and everyone had to say the next sentence incorporating at least one word from the list.. Some participants got bonus marks for using three words from the list in ONE sentence..and so on.. By the end, most had begun to realise that it is the inner fear which causes problem- not a particular word or sound itself..

  3. Sudheendran 10 years ago

    Yes this is a good idea Doctor

  4. ashis 10 years ago

    dear all, I want to join in ur Bangalore chapter of TISA.Plz Mail me stay @ koramangla,Bangalore and ever ready to join on any sundays and public holidays…

  5. Sudheendran 10 years ago

    Dear Ashis,
    We meet every Sunday at 10 AM near the library building in Cubbon Park. You may contact me after reaching the place at 9901950694


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