Pune SHG Meet on 13th December

Pune SHG met on 13 December 2009 at Senior citizen’s hall on Dhole patil road.
The meeting started at around 3PM and was attended by the following members; Suraj, Praveen, Dharmaraj, Manohar, Sunil, Mahesh and Sujit
The first exercise was relaxing the different body parts one by one; Feet, calf, shoulder, neck, jaws and tongue.
The idea behind this was to give the tension in the part and then releasing the tension and relaxing that part.
This exercise was suggested by Mahesh, i found it it very different from the normal speech exercises.
Then we did meditation for 2 minutes.
After that we did the slow reading and public speaking exercises one by one. We all read few lines on advices and suggestions for the PWS.
In slow reading we were required to introduce our self, speaking about our work profile, about our family and education.
In public speaking some of the interesting topics were;Formation of Telangana, Software testing scope
Mess up of CAT 2009. Following the slow speaking style in workplace.

We also discussed about, Mr. Keith Boss visit to pune,India in Feb 2010.

Finally we could wrap the things by 6:30 PM

We have much more coming up in the next meeting on 20 DEC 2009, Be there with us !!

@others who attended the meeting;
Please add your comments

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    thanks JP for authoring this article on my behalf. Now a days, i am little pressed for time and hence the evasive reaction 🙁


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